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Goal of the Global Art Media

Welcome to the world of Global Art Media!

The desire of  Global Art Media is to create a free and open world by art, that helps to liberate the world from hatred and racism, and any kind of discrimination, bringing together all cultures in all its diversity and beauty, in due respect for all different cultures  and humanity.

Art: in every possible expression makes our world a better place to live in. It liberates the world from superficiality. It makes life more enjoyable for all people. It creates joy, love and happiness, emotion, togetherness, peace.  It inspires and enhances peoples their life.

Global Art Media: is a gallery for art and artists and at the same time it is a world social media platform for all art in any discipline or possible form and expression, by artists, designers, writers, performers and any individual who has the desire to create and to express himself. Anybody that feels the need to express himself and to share this with friends and others to enrich one another and maybe take new initiatives.

Global Art Media: brings the artist into the full spotlight, in order to get maximum attention  and support from the whole media platform and the audience. 

What Global Art Media does is providing to anyone who wishes to express himself and has to say or share something, a platform and tools to profile himself. It gives artists, commercial and institutions, the opportunity to have a gallery to exhibit or to present their business or trade and having access to all art related themes.

Commercial: all Academy of Art related categories, have the opportunity to make known their business and make this available worldwide. Your business will be an open window to the world which can be visited and appreciated by anyone, anywhere in the world on the platform and to do business with. The artist needs your attention, and you need them. This will create new opportunities to meet and greet and to communicate with one another, so that new initiatives might happen.

Institutions (art): Academies of art – music, schools, campuses, cultural centers, libraries, Museums…  this is your chance to introduce your institution to the world and to have access to global art media.  A chance to make your program, events and exhibitions visible and available to the world.

The audience (art lover) who is interested to have its own gallery and loves to share and exchange it with one another, while having access to the Global Art Media world is welcome! Create a gallery with your favorite artists – museums etc., visit the galleries and add to your collection.

Global Art Media is there also for young artists and students (art). It gives you a chance to profile and express yourselves and to come forward with your work and talent, to get a better chance to be noticed and get appreciated by others and to get to know other young people and soul mates to share, so that new initiatives might happen. Change the world by exploring  your creative intelligence, your inner power to create beauty and harmony in all its diversity. YOU ARE THE FUTURE OF A NEW COMING WORLD.

Global Art Media: will provide a global overview in all art disciplines worldwide, as well contemporary as historical works of art.

You are the ones that will make work the Global Art Media.

Global Art Media does not accept any form of racial conduct or discriminative behavior because of color, culture, belief, man and woman, gender and sexual orientation, such as gay and lesbian. In a free open world there is no space for any kind of racial and discriminative conduct. But these are just the basics for a free and open society!

GLOBAL ART MEDIA is your partner in ART!

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