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Time Travellers in Venice: Tibetan Art and Venetian Glass – Global art media
Global art media

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Time Travellers in Venice: Tibetan Art and Venetian Glass

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Time Travellers in Venice is an international project based on Tashi Norbu’s contemporary art and also on the promotion of an intercultural dialogue through the power of art. It involves artworks from the best contemporary Tibetan artists alive and the contribution of local handicraft from the Venice area. To build this ambitious connection we need your kind and active participation!

  • ALL FREE ENTRANCE events – lasting 3 weeks (13 – 31 May 2017)
  • 1 main exhibition Time Travellers in Venice where artists of Tibetan tradition and artisans from Venice are the centre of the project
  • 2 live painting performances 
  • 2 workshops with students from local Art schools and amateurs

Tashi Norbu’s live painting at a private house in Amersfoort, Holland, 02/2017


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Tashi Norbu

About Project

On the 13th of May 2017, the opening day, Tashi Norbu will offer the audience his very well known live painting to celebrate the official opening of Time Travellers in Venice. The same artistic formula has been successfully carried out by the artist in several other events in Northern America (New York, Chicago, Seattle, Toronto), Europe (Amsterdam, Leiden) and in the Eastearn areas of the world (Macao, Dehli). Venice will have the pleasure to host a group of 4/6 Tibetan monks. On this occasion the monks will perform the traditional deep throat singing accompanied by their own monastic instruments, as the artist performs brushstrokes according to the Tibetan ritualistic music.


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